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Is WPG ComboBoxItem style in ComboBox.xaml unused?

Dec 12, 2011 at 10:59 PM

Dear every one:

    when I use WPG with these code:

    public enum ServiceState    {        UnSpecific,        Launch,        Initializing,        Running,        Stop,    }

    public class Service


      public ServiceState State



        private set;



set the Service object to WPF's Instance property, then I found it WPG's ComboBox that correspond State property of the Service object

can be select-able(I thought it can't be select-able cause the State property is read only), and when you select a new value, WPG will crash

and the exception is StackOverflow.

So, I try to modify the ComboBoxItem style defines in  ComboBox.xaml, add one line code just for test:

<Setter Property="IsEnable" Value="False" />

But nothing is changed.


Could some one help me? many thanks for any help.