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A PropertyGrid for WPF
(Using Parts of Sharp Develop (Brush Editor))

I (jogibear9988) do not longer work on this project, because I'm using the propertygrid from the This has more Features and is much more perfomant...



27.01.2010 :
Included the Brush Editor from SharpDevelop Propertygrid. But it's in an Extra Assembly, because License of SharpDevelop is LGPL.

05.01.2010 :
I have included some of the patches posted in the Discussion Board and in the Issues Tracker.
Sorry that I've so less time to change anything on this project, but if you have patches, post them on the Issue Tracker and not on the Board, so I find them and can include them!

11.03.2010 :
I think now we've reached a state, so I can call also the Visual Studio Style usable!

07.03.2010 :
Many work done on the Grid, searching for two icons for the sorting! If someone can draw, please do and send me!

Feb. 2010 :
I (jogibear9988) get access to the Project from the author deepforest and try to fix and implement new thinks. If anyone is interested to help feel free to submit patches, I'm trying to apply them!
I also removed the Release, because I think it's enough at the moment to download the source, If we are at a good state, I think than we can do a first release!

Project Description
WPF Property Grid is a WPF version of the well known Visual Studio Property Grid control.

Having a managed instance of any kind, a Property Grid control reflects its public properties, displays each property type, value, accessibility (read/write), other meta-data such as description, category and more. A Property Grid control is ideal in cases where one should display a vary types of objects. Instead of writing a custom view for each type, using a Property Grid provides an easy way to dynamically create an object editable custom view.

An extensible Property Grid provides extension points for changing its layout, style, supports localization, adding editors and converters declaratively (using attributes for an instance) or using an XML file (decouples the type from Property Grid related attributes), grouping, sorting and filtering.


  • Dynamic Property Display
  • Built-in and Custom Value Converters, Editors and Designers
  • Property Grouping, Sorting and Filtering
  • Property Two-Way Binding
  • Property Meta Data such as Description and Display Name
  • Preview of WPF Controls
  • Grouping or Sorting
  • Dynamicly Expanding of nested Object's
  • Themes and Skins
  • Type Mapping based on Attributes and/or XML


  • More type Editors
  • Copy all features from VS Style to Expression Blend
  • Brush Editor

Screen Shot's

Visual Studio Theme

ExpressionBlend Theme

Visual Studio Theme

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